随行课堂全新版大学进阶英语综合教程1李荫华课后习题答案 we learn答案-沉梦博客

随行课堂全新版大学进阶英语综合教程1李荫华课后习题答案 we learn答案



随行课堂全新版大学进阶英语综合教程1李荫华课后习题答案 we learn答案

3) B
5) B
ll. Focusing on Language in Context
1.Key Words & Expressions
1.Good teachers should encourage students to use their creativity to express themselves andmake them feel proud of what they can achieve.
2.’ve made new friends and am doing well at college. l think Im enjoying being a collegestudent.
3.People with disabilities want to be treated like everyone else and given equal opportunities.They do not want sympathy.
4. Life is full of challenges. We should be strong enough to face up to them.5. A great pianist does not succeed overnight. His skills are developed over time.6. It is reported that millions of people in the US are not covered by health insurance.
7.The party really came to life once again when the huge birthday cake was served.8. The train must be running late; we should have got to Beijing by now.
9. How determined one is to achieve one’s dream is clearly a sign that can be used
to predict success.
10. Setting a goal and going all the way to achieve it can be a great test of one’s will and
11. The doctor tried to prevent the infection spreading to other parts of the body.12.l was told that my computer wasn’t powerful enough to run that software.13. Corporate executives usually have high salaries.
14.The art exhibition is great; it’s a pity you don’t have time to go there but you can see it on yourcomputer screen.

15.The researchers are concerned about the increasing frequency of the illness in the village.
1 ) big on2) all the way3) motivation4) predicting5) hooked6) pursuit of7) elementary8) folk
9) taken over
1.We waited for Phil for two hours, but he didn’t show up. We had to cancel the appointment.2.Nowadays the price of hiring a tutor is very high. So many parents choose to tutor their kids/children themselves.
3.Be positive about your life and see amazing things you have achieved. In other words, believe
in yourself!
4. When we’re young, we take risks and may fail. However, we should keep chasing ourdreams and never give up.
5.’ll find a job and become a skilled worker after graduating from college.l have no motivationfor going to graduate school.
2. Word Formation
1. When you email me, don’t forget to attach a copy of the document.
2.Sea level rise can increase the height of storm waves, making more areas vulnerable to storm
3.The letter must have sat in the drawer for such a long time that it has vellowed.

4.Bob lives not far from the school he attends. So he bicycles to school.5.Green means they’re doing well; red means they might fail.
3. Sentence Patterns
1.l know you’ve set your goal. Why not make a plan?
2.When one door closes, another opens for you. How about looking for other opportunities?3. lt is not enough to learn from textbooks. Why not take a part-time job to gain some practicalexperiences?
4.The school doesn’t have a student society that provides community services. How aboutstarting one with your classmates?
5. lf we agree that college life is a new experience for growing up, why not take a more activepart in various activities on campus?
4. Comprehensive Practice
1.A: Our government encourages college students to be creative and start career planning early.What does this mean for your dream of a future job?
B: As a college student, I am big on learning and applying skills our future job needs instead ofbook knowledge only. l would like to take on challenges during college. And l havestrong motivation to go abroad to learn more someday.
2.A: My problem is that I have dreams but they always seem so far away and hard to achieve.What’s your advice?
B: First, you need to look inside yourself and know what you really want to do. In other words,you need to build up your confidence and believe in yourself/your dream. Second,create aconcrete plan and take action in pursuit of your dream. By so doing, you will, ‘m sure, make yourdream come true over time.
3. A: Do you have a dream job in mind already? If so, what is it? Would you mind sharing it withus?
B:My dream job is a corporate position such as a manager leading a team to help the companyreach its goals.What I like most about the job is to overcome challenges and make decisions

with creativity. I’ve got hooked on reading books on team leadership now!
4.A: In chasing my dream, obstacles come my way from time to time. I sometimes think of givingup. As a successful CEO, can you share your experience with me about how to deal with them?B: Yes, I’d be more than happy to do so. To deal with things holding me back, I’ll look closely atthem first, and then make a list,instead of saying to myself“Why not just give up?”.For someobstacles,I will not let excuses take over. For example,it actually doesn’t help if my blamegoes all the way to life not treating me well. By finding the right kind of help, I can grow strongerno matter what and do well.
Reading & Comprehending
Reading 1
1.Comprehension Check for Reading 1

5) F
7) T

Reading 2
Comprehension Check for Reading 2
1.He is dreaming of building New Oriental into a model for China’s private education.2.1) He was born to poor peasant parents.
2) He failed university entrance exams twice.
3) He had to take a year’s sick leave while at university.
4) He wanted to study in the US, but he failed repeatedly to obtain a visa.5) He was almost killed by some dangerous thieves.
3.He has a positive attitude toward life when he says, “These ordeals make me treasure everyminute of life and be ready to help others.”
4.Perseverance and a good sense of direction.
lntegrated Skills Practicing
I. Viewing & Listening
1)”You know, I still consider it as a hobby.I really do love it. Like l don’t see it as a job, you know.And that’s the best part,if you love something,you know, you don’t consider it as a job, youknow, you’re happy to go to work”
2) “You know, I don’t want you to see me as a deaf DJ, or a deaf kid trying to DJ.I want you, 1want you to see me as a great DJ that happens to be deaf, you know, because, you know, I don’twant sympathy, l don’t want,‘Oh, let’s give him a gig, because, you know, his hearing isimpaired.”
3)”You know, there’s a lot of sounds out in the world you don’t want to hear. l like it muffled. lt’s,it’s..you know, l like who l am.I’m proud of who l am.”
Reporter: It’s New York Fashion Week and DJ Robbie Wilde is busy working the exclusive Project

Runway designer reunion Party. Wilde lives in a world of rhythm and bass, he just can’t hear it.Ear infections as a child left Wilde completely deaf in his right ear and with only 20-percenthearing in his left.
Woman: Did you ever feel sorry for yourself?
Wilde: Never, no. Sometimes ‘d even forget it sometimes myself.
Reporter: Although hearing is the most important sense in a Dl’s life, Wilde was determined tomake it. He got his first shot to perform at his father’s restaurant nearly a decade ago and hasn’tlooked back since.
Wilde: You know l still consider it as a hobby. I really do love it. Like l don’t see it as a job, youknow.And that‘s the best part, if you love something, you know, you don’t consider it as a job,you know, you’re happy to go to work.
Reporter: Wilde went to DJ school to learn the art of turntablism. And also relies on his computerto see the music and feels the vibration, literally. He’s dubbed That Deaf DJ” by club goers andpromoters and it’s a moniker even he uses.But Wilde says it’s more than just about his deafness.Wilde: You know, I don’t want you to see me as a deaf DJ or a deaf kid trying to DJ. I want you, Iwant you to see me as a great DJ that happens to be deaf, you know, because, you know, I don’twant sympathy, l don’t want,“Oh, let’s give him a gig, because,you know, his hearing isimpaired.”
Reporter: His skills got noticed by HP and earned him a spot in a commercial, thrusting him ontothe world stage.
Wilde: It doesn’t matter that I can’t hear the music.
Another Woman: That he’s doing it through touch without being able to hear the music is awonderful story.
Reporter: Besides, some things are better left unheard, he says.
Wilde: You know, there’s a lot of sounds out in the world you don’t want to hear.l like it muffled,you know. It’s, it’s…you know, I like who l am. I’m proud of who l am.
Reporter: When he’s not DJing, Wilde is in the studio producing music.
Woman: What’s your message for those who are trying to chase a dream, just like you?Wilde: Just, honestly, never, never give up.
Reporter: Sarah Hoye CNN,New York.

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